[+163] Free FORTNITE birthday invitations for edit, customize, print or send via Whatsapp

[+163] Fortnite birthday invitations free to edit, customize, print, send via Whatsapp, Facebook or email with excellent image quality. 163 Fortnite digital templates you can select and create your own invite with personalized text and completely free!!

[+163] Free FORTNITE birthday invitations for edit, customize, print or send via Whatsapp
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💡 Covid-19 | Due to the declared pandemic we recommend organizing Virtual kids birthday parties: Celebrate online by setting up a meeting by video call with Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype. Our editable Fortnite invitations are perfect for Virtual party invitation to use in this quarantine or confinement.


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FIRST: Select and preview the Fortnite card that you like the most:



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Free Fortnite Birthday Invitation
Event Title
Monday, October 25th
[At time][To time]
RSVP: [Phone or Email] (Optional)


SECOND: Complete and personalize the text and the real data of your birthday in the following form.

Comments, ideas, suggestions for new characters or themes. Feel free to Contact Us
Simple text invitation Full text or Virtual Party invitation

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of Fortnite invitation card

[Name] Virtual birthday! / [Name] digital party!
[Name] is turning [Number]!
Please Join Us for [Name] Birthday!
You´re invited to a party for [Name]
[Name] Birthday Party!
Welcome to [Name] Baptism
At To

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By clicking on the "Generate birthday card" button, FIESTAS CON IDEAS does not collect or store any information provided by the user.

💡 Covid-19:
Fortnite virtual party invitation // Fortnite virtual birthday invitation:
If quarantine or social confinement has been declared in your country, we recommend organizing a Virtual Party so that our children can feel accompanied at this special moment. Our Fortnite editable invitations are perfect to invite family or friends organizing a Virtual birthday party by Zoom video call, Whatsapp, Telegram or Skype!!
You can also invite everyone to send a video message or sing the Happy Birthday song!!


We present the new Fortnite Free Birthday Invitations: There are 163 models of Fortnite birthday cards to edit and print.

With the editable birthday cards you can customize the whole text or personalize the data of the birthday party, also have excellent image quality to print, download PDF or send and share by Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook or email to all your guests.

With our Online Invitation Maker and ours 163 Fortnite invitation templates it's very easy and simple. The invitations templates have blank fields to fill and edit for create your personalized birthday card (printable digital templates, blank cards and invitations to edit online).


How do you use our editable online invitations?

1) Select the Unicorn card you like the most.
2) Fill in the form with the texts and real data of the birthday.
You have two options: "Simple Text Editing" or "Full Text Editing", whith the last one you can write the text completely freely. You can also modify the color of the texts!
3) By clicking on the "Preview Invitation" button you can check that all the data is correct. You can modify and correct the texts as many times as you want.
4) To finish, click on the button "Generate Birthday Card".
5) READY, invitation finished!

Then a template with your personalized birthday cards will be displayed. This template is ready for:

• Be printed on an A4 sheet (You can print as many invitations as you want on a home printer or laser printer).
• Send the personalized invitation via Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook or e-mail NEW!
• Save the invitation template in PDF (This allows you to take the PDF file to a color laser printing center and print the invitation cards with the best quality. We recommend you to use opaline paper, mate illustration paper or glossy paper (approx 200gr.))

The free Fortnite invitations are FREE with all Seasons characters, dance, logo and more!

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The avengers End Game, Fortnite End Game con Thanos, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye...

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